French Advanced Conversation
Time - 14:00
Week - Every Other
Day - Tuesday
Group Organiser(s) - Norman Hart
Venue - Members' Homes
Vacancies - Waiting List
French Advanced Conversation is a friendly group of people who have a thorough grasp of the French language but who wish to become more fluent in speaking. We can read and write French but improving our conversational skills is the aim of our group. The meetings take place in members’ homes and start at 2.00pm. A session is meant to last for two hours but they frequently go on longer if we’re especially enjoying ourselves.

We do not bother with grammar drills nor do we use flipcharts or audio-visual aids — we just sit and talk. Each person brings their favourite dictionary and that is the only equipment we use. There is a strong element of teaching inasmuch as we are continually learning new words and expressions and, when somebody gets stuck, there is always someone who can offer a solution.