A list of all current Groups can be found below. Clicking on a Group name will lead you to the individual Group web page giving further information about what the group does and when and where it meets. To contact the Group Organiser you must be logged in. Then click on the 'Email Group Organisers' icon at the top of the Group page:

Information about Groups that are in the process of forming and Groups that are actively seeking new members can be found on the Groups News page.

Group NameWeek In MonthDayTimeVacancies
Acoustic Guitar for new or rusty playersWeeklyWednesdayPM
Antiques and CollectablesFirstFridayPM
Architecture 1VariousVariousAM
Architecture 2VariousVariousAM
Architecture 3VariousVariousAM
Art Appreciation 1LastFridayAM
Art Appreciation 2VariousVariousAM
Art Appreciation 3ThirdThursdayAM
Art Appreciation 4VariousVariousAM
Badminton 1WeeklyMondayAM
Badminton 2WeeklyThursdayAM
Badminton 3WeeklyWednesdayAM
Book Group 1LastWednesdayPM
Book Group 2SecondTuesdayPM
Bowls (Apr-Sept)WeeklyTuesdayPM
Bridge 1WeeklyMondayAM
Bridge ImproversWeeklyThursdayPM
Bridge on MondayWeeklyMondayPM
Bus PassVariousVariousAM
Canasta for BeginnersFirst + ThirdFridayPM
Come Dine With UsVariousVariousAM
Craft InspirationsThirdMondayPM
Creative Writing 1ThirdTuesdayPM
Creative Writing 2LastWednesdayAM
Creative Writing 3ThirdThursdayPM
Cribbage 1Second + FourthFridayAM
Cribbage 2Second + FourthTuesdayPM
Cryptic Crossword SolvingWeeklyTuesdayAM
Drawing 2Second + FourthTuesdayAM
Drawing and Painting for BeginnersEvery OtherFridayPM
Embroidery PlusSecondMondayPM
Exploring CraftsThirdThursdayPM
Exploring London 1FourthVariousAM
Exploring London 2VariousVariousAM
Exploring London 3VariousVariousAM
Exploring London 4VariousVariousAM
Exploring London 5VariousVariousAM
Family History 1SecondFridayPM
Family History 2FourthTuesdayAM
Family History 3FirstThursdayAM
French 1FortnightlyThursdayPM
French 3Every OtherTuesdayAM
French 5 (Conversation)First + ThirdMondayPM
French Advanced ConversationEvery OtherTuesdayPM
French for Fluent SpeakersSecond + FourthThursdayPM
Garden Visits 1VariousVariousAM
Garden Visits 2VariousVariousAM
German 1 (Improvers)WeeklyWednesdayAM
German 2 (Continuers)WeeklyVariousAM
German 3 (Intermediate)Every OtherTuesdayAM
German 4 (Conversation)SecondTuesdayPM
German 5 (Advanced)FourthTuesdayPM
Healthy LivingFirstThursdayAM
History 1FirstFridayAM
History 4ThirdWednesdayAM
History 6FourthTuesdayAM
History for Non-HistoriansThirdFridayAM
Italian 1 (Continuers)WeeklyWednesdayPM
Italian 2 (Advanced)WeeklyThursdayPM
Jazz Appreciation 1FirstWednesdayPM
Jazz in the Third AgeWeeklyMondayPM
Knitting CircleVariousTuesdayPM
LatinSecond + FourthFridayPM
Lunch on FridaySecondFridayPM
Lyrical ListeningFirstFridayPM
Mah JongVariousThursdayPM
MeditationEvery OtherTuesdayPM
Mixed Media ObservationFirstMondayAM
Music AdventuresVariousThursdayPM
Music Appreciation 2 (Themes)FirstMondayAM
Natural History 1FirstFridayAM
Natural History 2FirstVariousAM
PetanqueEvery OtherFridayAM
Photo BooksFourthThursdayPM
Play Reading 1SecondThursdayPM
Play Reading 2ThirdThursdayPM
Play Reading 3ThirdWednesdayPM
Poetry Reading 1Every OtherMondayPM
Poetry Reading 2FirstMondayPM
Poetry WritingFirstTuesdayPM
Practical GardeningSecondFridayPM
Reading 1SecondFridayAM
Reading 3FirstTuesdayPM
Reading 5ThirdMondayAM
Science and TechnologySecondWednesdayPM
Scrabble 1Every OtherMondayPM
Scrabble 2FortnightlyMondayPM
Senior Rail Card OutingsVariousVariousAM
Sew Knit 'n NatterThirdThursdayAM
Spanish 1Second + FourthFridayAM
Spanish ConversationSecondMondayAM
Sunday Lunch and OutingsVariousSundayAM
Table Tennis 1Every OtherWednesdayPM
Table Tennis 2Every OtherWednesdayPM
Table Tennis 2AEvery OtherWednesdayPM
Table Tennis 3Every OtherMondayPM
Table Tennis 5WeeklyFridayPM
Trips CommitteeVariousN/AAM
Ukulele 1WeeklyTuesdayPM
Ukulele 2WeeklyMondayAM
Ukulele 3WeeklyThursdayPM
Ukulele 4WeeklyMondayPM
Visiting ChurchesSecondThursdayAM
Walks 1 (3- 5 miles)FortnightlyWednesdayAM
Walks 10 (3+ miles)First + ThirdFridayAM
Walks 11-Walking on Tuesdays (4-5 miles)SecondTuesdayAM
Walks 2 (4-6 miles)ThirdThursdayAM
Walks 3 (3.5-4 miles)ThirdFridayAM
Walks 4 (5 miles)ThirdFridayAM
Walks 5 (5-7 miles)SecondWednesdayAM
Walks 6 (2 miles)FirstFridayAM
Walks 7 (10+ miles)FourthFridayAM
Walks 8 (5-7 miles)FirstFridayAM
Walks 9 (5-7 miles)ThirdWednesdayAM
Watercolours 1FirstWednesdayAM
Wine AppreciationSecondTuesdayPM
Wine Tasting 1FirstThursdayPM
Wine Tasting 2SecondTuesdayPM
Wine Tasting 3FourthMondayPM
Wine Tasting 4ThirdWednesdayPM
Yoga - RestorativeWeeklyMondayPM
Zumba GoldWeeklyThursdayAM
ZZ-Test GroupSecondWednesdayPM