Time - 13:30
Week - Weekly
Day - Wednesday
Group Organiser(s) - Joyce Stubbs
Venue - St Pauls Church Blandford Road
Vacancies - 5

Every Wednesday at 1.30pm a dedicated band of mobility enthusiasts meets. The class is designed for our members who have reduced mobility resulting from an ongoing health condition which may affect their fitness. NO CLASS WED. 6 NOVEMBER

Classes are led by Manuela Ardissone-Garlich, Level 3 Advanced Personal Trainer, Diploma in GP Exercise referral. Under Manuela's guidance, this friendly group exercises to gentle music whilst laughing a lot.  Healthy lifestyle tips are given on request.

Please wear comfortable clothing suitable for movement and trainers or similar. Please bring water with you. Please bring your membership card for St Albans U3A on your first visit.

You can 'drop in' and pay £2.50 when you attend a first session. Once new members have established that the class is an unmissable opportunity to maintain their mobility, they are charged £5 for the exercise and the fun.  It has been said that this is the best £5 ever spent in St Albans.  Worth considering?  Newcomers are welcome!

Please note that there will be no mobility classes during August and that classes will resume on Wednesday 11 September 2019

See below an endorsement from 'Supergran':

"I joined the group in February 2016 and have been a member ever since.  We have an excellent teacher and all the exercises are relevant to our age group.The exercises are beneficial for people keen to keep their mobility, strength and balance.
We do exercises for neck, head, arms, knees, ankles, walking, back extensions, and "not sitting", all designed to safeguard mobility.  Doing these exercises under supervision of a good teacher, makes you think of how you are treating your own body. We  have all felt the benefits already. A group of 6-8 attend each week and we have enjoyable chat as well as the exercises. which are just at the right level for me. Every one could benefit from these sessions,  so come along and join us.   See you there....."

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